I am a Cheap Bitch

Snapshot_002Yeah, that’s right. I like cheap shit. In fact, I LOVE it. This is why I look forward to Fifty Linden Fridays. Sometimes it’s total shit (let’s be honest), but then you find gems like this fanfuckintastic space craft from D-LAB. I will try to keep my space puns to a minimum, but my promises aren’t always trustworthy.

First thing is first. I have to pat my former self on the back, because I made this sweet galaxy globe in 2009 – and it’s not half bad. Earth still looks like Earth, and the Sun is pretty fucking bright like a sun should be. Dare I say it’s…out of the world! (I really couldn’t help myself).

Next, again, it’s Fifty Linden Friday. Who is excited!? A lot of what I’m wearing + the space ship are 50L for a short time. I’ll be nice and note which is part of FLF. I will also be honest when I first saw the TETRA lime green dress. I thought it looked like the color of my RL baby’s shit after she has eaten a lot of peas. However, I put it on and it’s fab. I WAS WRONG.


Body/Skin/Hair: .:[PUMEC] :. – .:Astrid:. –  /  January \  – SKIN (Catwa); #13 — PUMEC LIPSTICK PACK (CATWA) – GACHA @ PUMEC; [okkbye] Eutropic Eyebrows (CATWA/OMEGA); Maitreya – Lara, Slink Hands, Catwa Catya Bento Head; Exile – Green Light – Naturals

Outfit: *{Junbug}* The Sabrina Circlet – FLF; Glamistry – CYNARA Heels [PF1024] – FLF; TETRA – Miaa Dress (Lime) – FLF; e.marie // Bar Necklace – Sterling @ Whimsicle;   **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set 1.3

Pose: :*BABY*: {BOX} ToddleeDoo Fierce PosesUghhh I know it’s for a toddler avi, but seriously I looked fierce. Don’t judge me.

Bitchin’ Spaceship: D-LAB FlyingSaucer -doragon blue-ve – FLF


I was hoping to insert more space puns, but then I’d have to “planet”…BOOM HIT YAH WITH ANOTHER ONE ❤


Old School vs. New School

Old vs New

No, you really are seeing double…well kind of. On the left, that’s my current avi. On the right, you’ll see a former version of myself (my original avi). I was taking a trip down memory lane with my original account, and found this demon avatar. Check out those rock hard titties and splayed hands…and let’s not get into the shape – I CLEARLY DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING. Anyway, it was always one of my favorites (oh the sweet sweet memories!). Well, this bitch has not been updated since 2011 (shocking, I know), so I wandered over to AKA to see if they have been up to anything. Sure enough, she came out with appliers! Now, I had to throw on a classic TMP head (quit whining; not everything is made for Catwa or Lelutka) to make it work, but whatever. Beauty is pain folks…beauty. is. pain.

So I even rezzed this retro ass inferno skybox for the photo. Shit isn’t too bad considering it was made in like 2009. It’s only 250L today and would be great for a themed event. I did not do a lot of photo editing, because I would be here all day fixing Miss-2011 Retro Avi. Plus, I think it’s neat to see the drastic differences between old and new. Here is a completely unedited photo and credits:

UneditedJesus…just look at those hooves. Fucking hell let’s all thank god for mesh.

Body/Skin/Hair: Maitreya – Lara Body; Slink Hands; TMP – Moody Head; ..:AKA:.. Violet & Black Demon skin for #TMP  ..:AKA:.. Maitreya mesh body App for Demon violet & black; ..::AKA::.. Demon violet & black slink appliers; (HAIR) Exile – Green Light – Naturals; Az…  Macabre Black (MESH EYES)

Outfit: *~*Illusions*~* Snarl Horns; REIGN.- Marylin Boots- Black, {ViSion} – Lingerie Elena – Black, **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set 1.3 (BENTO WOOP); [M.O.R] bento demon tail : 1.1fix2

Pose: Glamrus . Golden Angels

The skybox can be found here if you’re looking.

Also, check out this rude ass look I’m giving my old account.

“I will end you and your non-mesh ways…”

Judging Eyes

and if you want to know my old avi’s credits – seriously, fuck off. Things have come a long way since 2011.

Neighhhhh Bitches

Ride My Pony.png

So my friend and fellow lesbian goat lover, Brice, had this awesome pig backpack and helmet, and I got mad jealous. So he took me to MadPea so I could score my own. I ended up with the panda chute, which was equally awesome. I also ended up grabbing one of the nutty trotters, also at MadPea. Me and my noble steed had to go somewhere worthy of royalty, so we hopped over to a Bloodlines Clan to peruse the castle and wave to all the dirty commoner peasants (sadly, there were none). Carl, as he is lovingly called, makes some sweet noises too while you gallop.


Wearing: [Cubic Cherry] {Lala} glasses; fame femme: Oli Cardigan – Green (@ ULTRA); –Pixicat– Carefree.Playsuit (Flower nr1); REIGN.- MINI SLIPS- FATPACK (tippies); (hair) – .Entwined. Azalea / Naturals; MadPea – The Flying Creature Squad  – Panda-Chute (Gacha) – @ MadPea Events

My Pony: MadPea Karl Nutty Trotter

Pose: I made that shit, bitches!

Then I had to test out my panda-chute, which is one of the most bitchin’ things I have gotten in awhile. Pandachute

In the airIf you’re not jealous, you really should be.






I’m Feeling a Little Japanese Today?

In the GardenWell, that’s hopefully the most racist thing I will say all day. Lately, I have really been getting into these photo contests. Will I win? Probably not, but that is not the point. They’re fun, challenging, and give me fresh ideas. And if I do win, a little extra money wouldn’t be so bad.

Violent Seduction is having a photo contest, and all you have to do is wear something of theirs in the picture. Easy enough, am I right? I’m not sure why I wanted to be a sexy Geisha? It is probably the most non-PC thing I have done in sometime…so sorry not sorry (it is all in the name of art).

Anyway, this was my submission for the Violent Seduction Photo Contest, and there really is not a lot of editing. What you see is what you get, folks.

Wearing: Violent Seduction – Aphrodite LARA (Black); *TUKINOWAGUMA*- *TKW* Asagumo Reds Blacks; MiWardrobe – Japanese Coin – Earrings – Gold & Red

Makeup/Skin: tsg Koko in A tone; [Avenge] Mat Lipstick applier for Catwa, okkbye Eutropic Eyebrows, Le inc. Asian Eyeliner

Body: Catwa Catya Bento Head, Slink Bento Hands, Maitreya Lara Body

Prop: +++ SOMALI +++ Wasaga 005 Japanese Umbrella


Green Screen Training

Into the WoodsNormally, I like to do the setup for a photo in world. Honestly, I think they just look better than avis thrown in front of some random background. But whatever…clients sometimes want this so I figured I might as well practice. It is kind of interesting on my outfit too because the hoodie was made to go with this hair, so you have to purchase them separately. It is not a perfect marriage; I had to do a little bit of editing to make it work. However, there are demos of both so you can try for yourself first.

Hair: Iconic – Russina

Hoodie Dress: Hucci Logan Dress – Midnight

Makeup: Eyeliner: Le Inc. Asian Eyeliner, [Avenge] Mat Lipstick applier for Catwa – Red

And to be honest, whoever did the photo for the Hucci dress advertisement needs to be slapped. The picture makes it hard to tell if your head will pop through or you’ll look like a confused member of the KKK or some weird cult.


WTF is this? And if you think it’s just because it is black, all the other colors look the same. This is when a model can really help sell a product.

However, it turned out all right – demos FTW!


Lesbian Goat Lovers

Allie and Brice 2

Who is pictured? Allie on the left, Brice on the right, and many of our beloved goat friends. Yes, the black one is smoking a joint. No, we weren’t trying to be racist.

How did it begin? I’m not entirely sure. One minute I was buying a Jian goat at a FaMeshed event and the next thing I know, she’s dancing next to me at a burlesque party. Brice named her Leslie, and then we started having awkward conversations about goats with other people. We talked about Leslie as much as we did butt plugs and tentacle porn. She even got her own castle on the homestead.

Snapshot_0023Just look at her and that smug look. She knows she has it made.

Allie: TRUTH HAIR Ember –  light blondes; [Cubic Cherry] {Lala} glasses; **RE** Prix Necklace – FaMESHed 6th Anniversary Gift; GATO- Basic Crop Tee Maitreya applier ALL COLOURS (at the Chapter 4); Catwa Catya Head; INSOL Yolo Gacha Rare

Brice: Who the fucks knows?

Welcome to CheezyPotatoes!

Just a Day at the Beach

I have never been a huge fan of Second Life fashion blogs, mostly because I feel they’re the same shit, set on repeat. With the encouragement of a friend and my growing Flickr, I felt it might be time to do a blog, but do it a little differently. Sure, I’ll post what I’m wearing, poses used, and decor. Some stuff may be from the latest event, while others may be more dated (and therefore easier to get when you do not have to fight 1000 other SL residents to get into whatever event it is). However, this blog will also be used to share my photography and the fucked up places my friends and I go to in SL.  I’ll also note what is edited because I think we have all been duped by a creator who edits the ever-loving-hell out of their shit.

That being said, here are the credits:

On me: Catwa – Catya Head; Skin: INSOL Yolo Gacha Rare; Slink Bento Hands ;*BesomxReign~Camille *Blondes* (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); neve skirt – turn lively; neve top – twist lively (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); EF: Papillon Bracelets & EF: Papillon Necklace (Fameshed 5th Anniversary);

Decor: .:revival:. concrete candleholders (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); uK – Spring Lights  Pergola (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); :CP: Taylor Hanging Light String; HeadHunter’s ISLAND – Coconut milkshake giver fruit plate; Abraxas Designs: Hibiscus in Pot – Pink

Lastly, the name…cheezypotatoes. I usually get asked why, so let me explain. A few years ago, the RL hubs and I were watching a show called Freaky Eaters. It’s not on anymore, but YouTube can provide clips if you’re interested. There was this lady who would only eat cheezy potatoes, and have a breakdown if she tried anything else. We found it to be hilarious, and I thought it would make a great username. Three years late, the name has stuck. So if you’re interested in the origins of my username…

A Second Life blog for photography, fashion, and general fuckery