Old World Meets New

Old World Meets New

So I’ll be honest. Old world decor and homes in SL have never really done it for me. It’s simply never been my style so I’m usually reluctant to blog them. However, I wanted to challenge myself to try something different. So I grabbed three sets from Krescendo to create the “bones” of this set. As I was putting it together, I realized just how well it blends with more modern decor, creating this sort of “old worlds meets new” look. And I’m a fan…so who knows. I might be buying more old world decor soon 😉

Featuring Krescendo:
[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Chest shelf (Green)
[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Couch (Adult)
[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Light
[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Long table
[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Pillows
[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Stool
[Kres] Upcycle Eli’s Emporium – Wall art
[Kres] Niflheim – Butcher’s Table
[Kres] Niflheim – Fireplace – RARE
[Kres] Niflheim – Sack’o Coins
[Kres] Niflheim – Storage Box
[Kres] Ravenscar – Fancy pot @ The Arcade (starts Sep 1)
[Kres] Ravenscar – Rope pot @ The Arcade (starts Sep 1)
[Kres] Ravenscar – Town house – RARE @ The Arcade (starts Sep 1)

Additional Decor:
Apple Fall Cushion – Cream, Hearts
Apple Fall Cushion – Satin Trellis, Bronze
Apple Fall Hurricane Vase w/ Limes
*ionic* A collection of images
*ionic* A winter coffee
IONIC : Apothecary Medicinal Herbs
ionic : Beet Hummus & Roasted Potatoes
*ionic* Ancient open book {alchemy}
*ionic* If not now, when
ionic : Las Frutas
ionic : minimal needs : Ivy Divider
*ionic* Snuggle up!
*ionic* Piled drawers
ionic : Yellow Armchair
junk. abstract canvas. floor.
junk. boho curtain.
junk. potted tree.
junk. firewood holder.
junk. kitsch bird lamp.
junk. pulley light.
junk. vintage clock.
junk. vintage teacup planter.
*ionic* Vintage worldmap
Kuro – Rounded rug (grass)
Pomegranate – Dahlia Pillow – Forest
Pomegranate – Hibiscus Pillow Solids – Olive
ROIRO – “OAZO” Hanging plants A
ROIRO – “OAZO” Hanging plants B
!ROIRO! – Potted tree with Ivy


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