Not the Only One

Not the Only One

Featuring Ionic @ TC4:
ionic : Highway Motel sign
ionic : Highway Motel – RARE
ionic : Motel Parking lot – RARE
ionic : Motel Payphone
ionic : Soda Vending Machine
ionic : Wooden Motel Chair
ionic : Wooden Motel Table

Additional Decor:
7 – Jesus Saves Rooftop Sign
RiDECO – Hybrid Car Red
RiDECO – Large Pickup Black
..::THOR::.. Bicycle Black F stand RARE

On Me:
tattoo: DAPPA – Rozu Tattoo.
hair: DOUX – Jaidah hairstyle [Naturals]
top: Blueberry – Benny – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Black
pants: Blueberry – Rene Pants
boots: [BREATHE]-Taniko Heels-Black


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