Mai tais, anyone?

Mai tais, anyone?

All this newness at Collabor88 had me dying to do a flamingo themed decor post. So much of the new decor available goes perfectly together, and I love this adorable set from Astralia! Summer is still going strong, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy some tropical style decor before fall hits!

Featuring Astralia at @ Collabor88
Astralia – Tropical outdoor lounge (Sofa) Adult
Astralia – Tropical outdoor lounge (Armchair A)
Astralia – Tropical outdoor lounge (Armchair B)

Additional Credits:
Headhunter’s Island – Watermelon Milkshake Giver
hive // bird of paradise plant v1
hive // bird of paradise plant v2
hive // exotic foliage @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Flamingo Light
Kalopsia – Lilo’s Beach Bag – Cactus
Kalopsia – Lilo’s Pillow – Cactus
Kalopsia – Lilo’s Pillow – Pineapple
Kalopsia – Tropic Touch – Pineapple @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Tropic Touch – Table @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Tropic Touch – Woven Pouf @ Collabor88
Kuro – Rounded rug (grass)
PILOT – Ceramic Flamingo [Pink Gentleman] @ Collabor88
PILOT – Ceramic Flamigio [Pink Lady] @ Collabor88
Pomegranate – Flamingo Pillow 2 – Flamingo Single
Trompe Loeil – Eloa Rainforest Pool PG @ Collabor88
unkindness – Lavish Falls Wall Fountain @ Collabor88


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