My Adorable Little Strip Club

My Adorable Little Strip Club

I am so excited about this new set from Moss&Mink at the Epiphany! Be prepared to see it in quite a few of my photos. Now, she made two versions of it – a light and a dark. I’m only showing the light version for now, ass it’s something that is hard to find in SL. A lot of my photography clients want a cute sexy scene, but they want pink. And pink sexy decor is hard to come by. Now I have the perfect set to help! ❤

Featuring Moss&Mink Deep Desires Gacha Set @ The Epiphany
{moss&mink} Deep Desires – Skybox (White) RARE
{moss&mink} Deep Desires – Twinkle Gems (Pink)
{moss&mink} Deep Desires – Table (White)
{moss&mink} Deep Desires – Dance Pole (White)
{moss&mink} Deep Desires – Art Print 1-5
{moss&mink} Deep Desires – Unicorn Buttplug
{moss&mink} Deep Desires – Toys Shelf (White)

Additional credits:
{anc} MoonLightLounge. champagne 1Li
:::ChicChica::: Raspberry Chammy l
[Cubic Cherry] {Boobs} pillows @ RLD July 2018
[ keke ] champagne bublissimo – nero
[ keke ] champagne bublissimo – clear 3
{moss&mink} Drop Curtain
RIOT / Peenie Baby
The Horror!~ Candy Collection (Bubblegum)
The Horror!~ Mahou Collection – Light
The Horror!~ Size Kween Collection – Strawberry
The Horror!~ Sweets Kit (Bubblegum)


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