Oh Here She Comes

Woah Here She Comes b

She’s a maneater! Okay, I couldn’t help but get Hall & Oates in my head when I saw this maneater song, so naturally I had to include it in my newest post. And if you are asking yourself “who is Hall & Oates?” stop right there. Stop what you are doing and go to YouTube or Spotify.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, my creators have been  pumping out some awesome items! So I made this little “mancave” like area but honestly, it’s just a fun hangout. You don’t need a dick to enjoy some foosball!

BackBone Broken Television @ Man Cave
BackBone Soccer Ball @ Man Cave
BackBone Table Soccer @ Man Cave
Fapple– Tolstoj Arm Chair Adult/BDSM no blanket
Fapple- Tolstoj Floor Lamp
Fapple- Tolstoj Rug
[Kres] Rock Retreat – (4) Tom-tom Table
Quasi – Grind City Guitar

7 – Scoreboard (changeable)
7 – Maneater Sign
7 – Basketball Hoop
7 – Seven Music Co. AMP-5064A-1
7 – Change Machine
7 – Pop Machine (animated)
7 – Starman Arcade Machine (animated)
7 – Cigarette Machine_
7 – CCTV Camera
7 – Change Machine
7 – Smile You’re On Camera Sign
Apt B // Pipe Shelf
APT B // Hillbilly Livin’ – Breast Inspection Sign
::GB:: Doberman A
MadPea BingeWatchers Chips
MadPea BingeWatchers Average Beverages
[ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Lamp
[ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Shelf w/Bottles


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