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Sometimes inspiration for photos comes purely from my wonderful sponsors. I got my hands on this new decor from Backbone (the luggage, seats, clock, and lamps) and knew immediately what I wanted to do. This picture was a labor of love, as finding clothing to match the time period was a chore. There is some out there, but a lot of it is not made for the mesh bodies of today. Here’s to hoping for some more vintage events soon!

[[ Masoom ]] Amy Bento Gloves- White @ Uber | Belle Epoque { Claudia Hair } Blonds (hair is edited) | The Secret Store – Lulu Vintage Dress – Rose (only in standard mesh sizes but I’m wearing it with maitreya Lara) | fri. – Bobbie.Pumps (Pearl)

CATWA HEAD Skell @ Skin Fair 2018 | STRAY DOG – GABE BUTTERMILK | L’Etre – Basic mesh ears 2017 | [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body | [Deadwool] The Dandy – trousers – blue (not for signature body but it works)| [Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket – blue (not for signature body but it works) | [Deadwool] Penny loafers – dark brown | [Deadwool] Flat cap – brown

PCP – Lift Me Up

BackboneStation Lamp @ Mancave
BackboneDark Station Bench PG @ Mancave
BackboneLuggage @ Mancave
BackboneStation Clock @ Mancave
[Schultz Bros.] Complete – Old NY Subway Station
[Schultz Bros.] 1920’s NY Subway Car (No Sits)



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