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Narcisse Exclusive MMM

I remember back in the day when Midnight Mania Board were HUUUUUGE. We would mass TP in groups of people to make sure we got whatever it was we wanted so desperately. Honestly, I still love them – but in all honesty, the quality is typically lacking. That is why I love that Narcisse is participating in Midnight Monthly Madness, and put in not one but TWO beautiful items. The Victoria 2in1 Bodysuit is the Midnight Gift and the Kellis Babydoll Set is theMidday/Noon Gift. Check out her blog for more information BUT DONT FORGET TO GET IT ON THE 9TH!.

Also, this hair from pr!tty was FREE. The lovely owner of pr!tty has a ton of group gifts and lucky boards with FAT PACKS. I may or may not have made an alt named nastyguuurl in order to get one with an L…sorry not sorry! I so would have bought it if it were out for sale but a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get some nice hair.

okkbye –  Paloma tone 4

pr!tty – Brea

Narcisse – Kellis Babydoll Panties and Top in UltraMarine

Narcisse – Victoria 2in1 Bodysuit in Berry

Astrallia – Pin up life backgrounds (Laundrette)

Poses are from Hello Gorgeous! I used a few different ones >.<



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