Be Prepared.

Be Prepared

So, two post-apocalytpic style posts in a day…do I see a theme forming? Regardless, it’s a different way of decorating for me and I’m enjoying finding new pieces to add to my collection. Now I get to share them with you! Some new, some old, and some in-between.

11th Hour: The Roderick Sofa
11th Hour: The Hobby Table
11th Hour: The Roderick Arm Chair
E-mesh: Industrial Rustic Lamp
HeadHunter’s Island – Decor – pile of boxes and barrels – MESH
floorplan. safety notice
floorplan. world map chart
floorplan. route 66 wall sign
floorplan. wall tapestry / floral jack
floorplan. beware sign
KK sacks of supplies V2
[Kres] Wicked Wall Hangings – 10
NOMAD // Rusty Shed RARE @ The Arcade
!:P:! * Pile o’ Cans * Mixed * [A]
!:P:! * Pile o’ Cans * Mixed * [B]
RE Zombie Outbreak Quarantine Sign
RE Old Grungy Wall Clock
Refuge – Nautica Military Crate Table @ Remnant: Dark Days
Refuge – Nautica Chair @ Remnant: Dark Days
RO – The Salty Sailor – Traffic Lamp
Urban Spirit – Messy Rugs
[we’re CLOSED] kerosine lantern 2 rust


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