Love Never Changes

Love Never Changes

Ahhh, the Arcade is upon us. I always think, “I won’t spend much this time”. But I also lie to myself frequently. I suck at gachas…like I think my account is marked for some serious gacha bad luck. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll see me there…spending away. So feel free to spare me some rares because god knows I’ll never get them. This post is featuring the adorably romantic Ariskea Versailles Gacha set that will be at the upcoming Arcade. It isn’t available yet, but it will be soon! March 1st is right around the corner!

Ariskea[Versaille] Antique Bed RARE
Ariskea[Versailles] Antique Mirror RARE
Ariskea[Versailles] Bed Seat
Ariskea[Versaille] Chandelier
Ariskea[Versailles] Les demoizelles Portraits
Ariskea[Versailles] Red Roses Vase
Ariskea[Versailles] Pink Roses Vase
Ariskea[Versaille] Letters
Ariskea[Versailles] Candle Holder [L]
Ariskea[Versailles] Candle Holder [s]

cinphul // animated curtains [fat pack]

dust bunny . storybook living . fresh bouquet

JIAN Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer

KITE – Addington Manor – Builder’s Box February 2018 Edition

Spargel & Shine – Victoria’s Vanity Box

~ xantes ~ Pink Rendezvous – Champagne Set Tray


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