Love Me Hard

Love Me Hard

I’m convinced everyone has a little ho within. Some of our ho-ness is just stronger than others. I think of it like on a scale of 1-10. Though some of you freaks are more like an 11 or 12. Anyway, I do love at least dressing like a whore in SL. I don’t really dress whorish in RL, unless you count accidentally flashing the FedEx man cause I didn’t know my tit was out. I guess you can call that his tip?

CATWA Lona | NamiiChuu ~ Simjang Nose Ring – GIFT! | CURELESS[+] Morphine / For Catwa Catya (v.1) | | [okkbye] Dramatic Falsies – CATWA Lashes / Appliers | M.Crimson -Lori Eyebrows- for Catwa | ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Elf Ears | {S0NG} :: Mai Eyes – Catwa Applier

erratic / lily – lingerie / noir SET (maitreya) | REIGN.- VIXEN HEELS – FATPACK @ Hentai Fair | Exile – Rush – Naturals

PM Love @ Limit8

BackBone XXX Neon Sign
BackBone Black Bun-ne-quin on Silver Stand
hive // the airy skybox
The Hive – Guilty Pleasures Sideboard Black//Dirty
The Hive – Guilty Pleasures Hutch Black//Dirty
hive // animated classic tv w/ antenna [olive]
PM. Kate – Black Bed



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