Loving Can Hurt

Loving Can Hurt

.Nahh Bihh. Meows Shape | [okkbye] paloma: tone004 | CATWA HEAD Catya | Fae. Rosie eye (unavailable as far as I know)| [okkbye] Dramatic Falsies | [LeLuck] Facemole set | L’Etre Olympe mesh ears

Phedora / Soley set / 28 C v2 @ Frou Frou | +Spellbound+ Nightcall // Bundle from February 2018 Bound Box

FOXCITY. Steamy Bento Pose Set
+Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed – Vintage White
Dahlia – Provence – Rose Cloche – 1LI @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Hand Mirror – 1LI @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Chipped Teacup – 1LI @ Enchantment


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