Looking to Forget about You

Looking to Forget about You.png

What an emo sounding title. Idk why I come up with half the things I do…honestly my mind comes up with random shit and I just go, “yeah, good enough”. Lately, I’ve been kind of a lazy blogger. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have done a fuckton of posts, but not so much “verbage” to go with them. I’ve been tortured with whatever the hell this winter bug is. Flu? Swine flu? H1N1? Idfk but I’m over it. Sure, I look sexy as hell in SL but in RL I’m rocking my yoga pants and box of kleenex. And yes, you dirty fuckers. I am wearing other clothes but I wasn’t going to list my entire RL wardrobe.


Phedora ~ Mona heels ~ maitreya RARE @ The Epiphany| 07. Dead Dollz – PlayBunny Bra Black @ The Epiphany | 08. Dead Dollz – PlayBunny Corset Black @ The Epiphany | 09. Dead Dollz – PlayBunny Thong Black @ The Epiphany | :: SAGA :: Meow Collar w.HUD @ Kustom9 | eXxEsS : SAHARA |


Artis – Smoking hot (pose)
[PM]Pixel Mode – The Heights Studio Apartment
Stockholm&Lima: The Lovers Rustic Chaise


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