Nena and Me ♥

Snow with Nena

Nena and I have known each other for a long ass time – like 6 years. Very few Second Life friendships last that long, so I’m pretty happy we still put up with each other. So I have to give her a shoutout for jumping on the opportunity to do a photo with me. I asked “can you dress wintery?” and she says “I’m not happy I have to take off my pussy shirt but I’ll do it for you”. THAT IS SISTERLY LOVE FOLKS ♥


MG – Necklace – Secret Love Letter Locket and Heart | .miss chelsea. Edie Jacket & Dress Classic @ N21 | .miss chelsea. Edie Scarf Colour Pack 2 @ N21 | Doe: Jackie – Blondes @ Tannenbaum | Sweet Thing. Cozy Mitts – Vanilla Bear @ The Arcade | Izzie’s – Cozy Tights


Sari-Sari – Bestfriend Pose – It’s Snowing! (bento)




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