Fuck Off Bambi

Snow with Craig

Deer make for pretty pictures, but I hate these fuckers in RL. Don’t go all “awww poor Bambi” on me either. These asshats leap across the road like lawn darts waiting to destroy your life by totaling your car and exploding like a shit pinata. Graphic? Yes. Sorry? Not so much.

However, I looked cute af today due to my sister Sorcha. This bitch (I say that lovingly) knows how to dress, so I told her I’d give her a shout out because I 100% stole her outfit for this post.

Here’s an up-close of my cuteness. You don’t get an up-close of Craig because he’s mine. Back off you filthy twats.

Snow with Craig 1


. MILA . New Year Liner @ Suicide Dollz Event| HUWE MAKEUP – Nude Lipstick set #02


Dahlia – Starry @ FaMeshed | SN – Kali Split Tongue | Phedora ~ Claudia heels | .miss chelsea. Tati Cardi Yellow @ Uber | .miss chelsea. Tati Leggings Charcoal @ Uber | (Yummy) Serena Rings @ N21 | .Olive. the Holli Hair – Blondes @ Tannenbaum


SamPoses – WinterSwing (includes swing and 3 poses) | HG Handsy 1


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