Mind-Blowing Blog Title


As you can tell by my amaaaaaazing title, my creativity fell flat. We’ll just say it all went into this photo, mmmkay? I can’t be awesome all the time ffs. Anyway, I love this skin from Sinful Needs. There’s a serious shortage of nice fantasy skins in SL, and they’re one store that does it well. *Starts a slow clap*


SN Artisan Skin – Forsaken, Female: Banished | -SU!- Reptilian Eyes Fatpack | #Foxy – Morgana Hair (Natural Ombres) | [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK – Essential (Blacks)


Razor/// Halo Posture Collar – Black | Cae :: Engraved :: Bracelet :: Wife | Wicca’s Wardrobe – Vixen [Bound Box, October 2017] | :[P]:– Living Light Horns:// Sparkle | [M.O.R] bento demon tail | Phedora ~ Spectra heels ~ Hud 28 C. |


Kokoro Poses – Scarlet

RO – Danse Macabre – Ruins Stage RARE

:[P]:– Vindeluna – Mahogany Hutch RARE
:[P]:- Solis Hourglass Goth
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Shimma Cloches
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Victoria Lantern
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Quare Planter
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Silas Armillary

hive // floor candelabra [wrought iron]
hive // chandelier [wrought iron]

Bokeh – Radiance Mirror “Dark wood”
junk. floor clock.


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