Martini Monday

Blog Post Martini Outfit

Really there isn’t a “wrong” day to roll around in a giant martini glass filled with your fav liquor, but “Monday Martini” certainly has a nice ring to it – as long as it isn’t gin…gin is some disgusting vile shit and yes I will judge the ever-loving fuck out of you if you fucking drink it.

Anyway, I scored a few new sponsors recently: Paperdoll’s, LeLuck, Sinful Needs, and the 5th Avenue monthly event. That’s right…bad ass bitch right here. I’m super appreciative though. They all make lovely shit which I cannot wait to share with you all ♥


Tattoo: [LeLuck] Rockabilly sweet1950s | Under Eye Diamonds: . MILA . Perfect Bride Makeup (Catwa & Lelutka) | . MILA . Crystal Lagoon Eyes | . MILA . Hypnose Star Lashes Applique (Catwa) | [okkbye] paloma: tone004 – catwa skin | -SU!- Nude Lip Gloss Collection | L’Etre – Basic mesh ears 2017 | Bossie. doll eyeshadow [catwa]


..::Paperdoll’s::.. Bento Mistress gloves | Dahlia – Eve – Earrings  @ Industrie (opens Nov 20) | Birdy. Cabaret –  Corset – Lara – Black | Stockings: [Juju] Tokyo FatPack | Heels: #EMPIRE – Nemophila |Blues. Chyna – Naturals (has been edited in photoshop)


*EverGlow* – Martini Glass | Compulsion Complete Plant Set 5 | .:UR:. Extra Wide Curtain | Botanical – Decorative Light Set v1.1

Also, if you couldn’t tell, the photo on the right is edited but the one on the left is a raw shot.



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