I’m a Succubus-Dragon-Thinger


I love fantasy avatars. I don’t always dress as a succubus-dragon-thinger (really I have no idea what I am), mostly because I like variety and I find it limits my ability to shop. Maybe spending less money is a good thing, no? Anyway, I constantly get asked where my shit is from when I wear this avi…and I’m feeling mighty nice so hear you needy bitches go:

Maitreya Lara | CATWA Lona | PUMEC Drow RARE (this is an older gacha from them) | [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK – Essential (Blacks) | Nightmare :: Draconian Scales V2 | Az… Demon Black Dead Eyes (APPLIERS)

I had to contact the owner of PUMEC because I had the CATWA Applier, but the Drow body applier was not included. They didn’t sell it in the store, but hopefully they do now!

Moon Elixir – Love – Bra – Onyx @ ROMP | Moon Elixir – Love – Garter Belt and Thong – Onyx @ ROMP| Moon Elixir – Love – Harness – Onyx @ ROMP | [Entwined] Ivy – Group Gift | #EMPIRE – Nemophila | . MILA . Perfect Bride Makeup – Eye Diamonds (Catwa & Lelutka) | + Webbed Hands + {aii} | [M.O.R] bento demon wings | [M.O.R] bento demon tail : 1.1fix2 | =Zenith= *The Mystic*dragon horns headpiece (All colors) | **CC** – Glamour Glitter

Pose:.  MILA . POSES // Basic Standing 4

Location: The Minotaur Empire


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