Bad Bitch Alert WOOP WOOP

Bad Bitch 1Bad Bitch 2 Close Up

That’s right. I’m a bad bitch. Well, not really…but at least I can look the part, right? Right? Paired with my sweet disposition, the pretty glitter isn’t really helping establish my “badassness” either…okay fuck I am not a bad bitch. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?

Lately my sister Sorcha has had this glitter obsession, and I guess you could say it has literally rubbed off on me. That’s what glitter fucking does anyway; it randomly appears in places and you can never fucking get rid of it. So whatever, I’m embracing my glittery goodness. THANKS SORCHA ♥

{Avie} Chains Leg Strap | Storybook– Chill – Black | REIGN.- SAY IT! Clutch- (BAD BIT*H) #22 | L’Etre  Olympe mesh ears | Phedora ~ Alicia heels ~ group gift! | DOUX – Luna hairstyle [Fades] @ The Darkness|*BABY*: Magical Glitter|**CC** – Glamour Glitter

Makeup: Veechi – Crying Glitter Makeup CATWA | Le Forme Doll Eyelashes @ AnyBody

Pose: .HG. IcePrincess 6

Location: FMD


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