I’ve got a good heart but this mouth…


Just kidding! I’m not a TOTAL whore. I mean…every girl has a little bit of ho in them, right? RIGHT? That’s why I’m doing a photo nude…too bad you can’t see all my pixely goodness. I promise you though if you come to my land, you will see tits – maybe even a little twatage. Why? Because after 8 years in SL, my fucks have runneth out. In fact, you may see me completely naked at Collabor88 or Uber. I’ll say it’s because it reduces lag, but really we both know the truth.


Skin – L’Etre Skin Shop – Mai Skin [Pearl Tone] CATWA

Makeup – Bossie. doll eyeshadow [catwa]

SU!– Nixu Lip Gloss Catwa (Add Me)

M.Crimson -Lori Eyebrows- for Catwa (unpacked)

{S0NG} Juniel Eyes – Catwa Applier



TRUTH VIP Athena – September

I feel like I need to talk about this hair for just a second. I love this hair. Now some chick in the VIP group said it looked like flexi hair from 2009. Are you sure you were playing SL? Do you even SL? Curls are a bitch and many creators fail, but this one is the bomb.com. That’s right, I went old school.


Amala – The Athena Stacking Rings

. Quirky . Dreamy Kitten Collar – Salmon




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