New Hair, Don’t Care!


Okay confession time…I am addicted to new hair. It makes me moister than an oyster.


Sure, it’s pixelated…but this picture always cracks me up.

Normally I’m not one to get my ass into super crowded events, but the Truth VIP sale is ONLY for 24 hours…unless it’s a genius marketing strategy and really they will leave it open longer. Anyway, I squeezed my fatass into Truth to score two of the four hairs at half price. I didn’t get all four, because I’m not made of fucking money.

It’s a totally new system – you can push hair back, forward, change sizes and the colors are new too. SHINY AND NEW BITCHES; GO GET YAH SOME ❤

On the Left: TRUTH Cheri – Multitone 1

On the Right: TRUTH Taja – Multitone 1

Also, if you cannot tell your left from your right, let me help you out. If you make an L with both hands, the one that actually makes the letter L is your left hand. If you’re dyslexic, try harder? (just kiddin!)


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