Lesbian Goat Lovers

Allie and Brice 2

Who is pictured? Allie on the left, Brice on the right, and many of our beloved goat friends. Yes, the black one is smoking a joint. No, we weren’t trying to be racist.

How did it begin? I’m not entirely sure. One minute I was buying a Jian goat at a FaMeshed event and the next thing I know, she’s dancing next to me at a burlesque party. Brice named her Leslie, and then we started having awkward conversations about goats with other people. We talked about Leslie as much as we did butt plugs and tentacle porn. She even got her own castle on the homestead.

Snapshot_0023Just look at her and that smug look. She knows she has it made.

Allie: TRUTH HAIR Ember –  light blondes; [Cubic Cherry] {Lala} glasses; **RE** Prix Necklace – FaMESHed 6th Anniversary Gift; GATO- Basic Crop Tee Maitreya applier ALL COLOURS (at the Chapter 4); Catwa Catya Head; INSOL Yolo Gacha Rare

Brice: Who the fucks knows?


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