Green Screen Training

Into the WoodsNormally, I like to do the setup for a photo in world. Honestly, I think they just look better than avis thrown in front of some random background. But whatever…clients sometimes want this so I figured I might as well practice. It is kind of interesting on my outfit too because the hoodie was made to go with this hair, so you have to purchase them separately. It is not a perfect marriage; I had to do a little bit of editing to make it work. However, there are demos of both so you can try for yourself first.

Hair: Iconic – Russina

Hoodie Dress: Hucci Logan Dress – Midnight

Makeup: Eyeliner: Le Inc. Asian Eyeliner, [Avenge] Mat Lipstick applier for Catwa – Red

And to be honest, whoever did the photo for the Hucci dress advertisement needs to be slapped. The picture makes it hard to tell if your head will pop through or you’ll look like a confused member of the KKK or some weird cult.


WTF is this? And if you think it’s just because it is black, all the other colors look the same. This is when a model can really help sell a product.

However, it turned out all right – demos FTW!



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