Welcome to CheezyPotatoes!

Just a Day at the Beach

I have never been a huge fan of Second Life fashion blogs, mostly because I feel they’re the same shit, set on repeat. With the encouragement of a friend and my growing Flickr, I felt it might be time to do a blog, but do it a little differently. Sure, I’ll post what I’m wearing, poses used, and decor. Some stuff may be from the latest event, while others may be more dated (and therefore easier to get when you do not have to fight 1000 other SL residents to get into whatever event it is). However, this blog will also be used to share my photography and the fucked up places my friends and I go to in SL.  I’ll also note what is edited because I think we have all been duped by a creator who edits the ever-loving-hell out of their shit.

That being said, here are the credits:

On me: Catwa – Catya Head; Skin: INSOL Yolo Gacha Rare; Slink Bento Hands ;*BesomxReign~Camille *Blondes* (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); neve skirt – turn lively; neve top – twist lively (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); EF: Papillon Bracelets & EF: Papillon Necklace (Fameshed 5th Anniversary);

Decor: .:revival:. concrete candleholders (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); uK – Spring Lights  Pergola (Fameshed 5th Anniversary); :CP: Taylor Hanging Light String; HeadHunter’s ISLAND – Coconut milkshake giver fruit plate; Abraxas Designs: Hibiscus in Pot – Pink

Lastly, the name…cheezypotatoes. I usually get asked why, so let me explain. A few years ago, the RL hubs and I were watching a show called Freaky Eaters. It’s not on anymore, but YouTube can provide clips if you’re interested. There was this lady who would only eat cheezy potatoes, and have a breakdown if she tried anything else. We found it to be hilarious, and I thought it would make a great username. Three years late, the name has stuck. So if you’re interested in the origins of my username…


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