Candy Canes and Sexy Little Bows

Candy Cane

Now if you know me, I’m a pretty big fan of “ho wear”. I can’t deny it. A good 80% of the time I’m dressed like a total thot (thanks fam for the recent “hip” word). So I actually bought this lingerie awhile ago and even for me, it’s a bit showy – however, it’s cute af AND totally Christmas appropriate. Let your inner freak flag fly ladies ♥

-Narcisse- Suki Playsuit | *CK* Sexy xmas lights | DOUX – Juniper hairstyle [Blondes] (hair has been edited)


*!R.O!* Candy Lick BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Candy Cane | Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Flocked


Nena and Me ♥

Snow with Nena

Nena and I have known each other for a long ass time – like 6 years. Very few Second Life friendships last that long, so I’m pretty happy we still put up with each other. So I have to give her a shoutout for jumping on the opportunity to do a photo with me. I asked “can you dress wintery?” and she says “I’m not happy I have to take off my pussy shirt but I’ll do it for you”. THAT IS SISTERLY LOVE FOLKS ♥


MG – Necklace – Secret Love Letter Locket and Heart | .miss chelsea. Edie Jacket & Dress Classic @ N21 | .miss chelsea. Edie Scarf Colour Pack 2 @ N21 | Doe: Jackie – Blondes @ Tannenbaum | Sweet Thing. Cozy Mitts – Vanilla Bear @ The Arcade | Izzie’s – Cozy Tights


Sari-Sari – Bestfriend Pose – It’s Snowing! (bento)



Fuck Off Bambi

Snow with Craig

Deer make for pretty pictures, but I hate these fuckers in RL. Don’t go all “awww poor Bambi” on me either. These asshats leap across the road like lawn darts waiting to destroy your life by totaling your car and exploding like a shit pinata. Graphic? Yes. Sorry? Not so much.

However, I looked cute af today due to my sister Sorcha. This bitch (I say that lovingly) knows how to dress, so I told her I’d give her a shout out because I 100% stole her outfit for this post.

Here’s an up-close of my cuteness. You don’t get an up-close of Craig because he’s mine. Back off you filthy twats.

Snow with Craig 1


. MILA . New Year Liner @ Suicide Dollz Event| HUWE MAKEUP – Nude Lipstick set #02


Dahlia – Starry @ FaMeshed | SN – Kali Split Tongue | Phedora ~ Claudia heels | .miss chelsea. Tati Cardi Yellow @ Uber | .miss chelsea. Tati Leggings Charcoal @ Uber | (Yummy) Serena Rings @ N21 | .Olive. the Holli Hair – Blondes @ Tannenbaum


SamPoses – WinterSwing (includes swing and 3 poses) | HG Handsy 1

Mind-Blowing Blog Title


As you can tell by my amaaaaaazing title, my creativity fell flat. We’ll just say it all went into this photo, mmmkay? I can’t be awesome all the time ffs. Anyway, I love this skin from Sinful Needs. There’s a serious shortage of nice fantasy skins in SL, and they’re one store that does it well. *Starts a slow clap*


SN Artisan Skin – Forsaken, Female: Banished | -SU!- Reptilian Eyes Fatpack | #Foxy – Morgana Hair (Natural Ombres) | [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK – Essential (Blacks)


Razor/// Halo Posture Collar – Black | Cae :: Engraved :: Bracelet :: Wife | Wicca’s Wardrobe – Vixen [Bound Box, October 2017] | :[P]:– Living Light Horns:// Sparkle | [M.O.R] bento demon tail | Phedora ~ Spectra heels ~ Hud 28 C. |


Kokoro Poses – Scarlet

RO – Danse Macabre – Ruins Stage RARE

:[P]:– Vindeluna – Mahogany Hutch RARE
:[P]:- Solis Hourglass Goth
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Shimma Cloches
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Victoria Lantern
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Quare Planter
:[P]:- Vindeluna – Silas Armillary

hive // floor candelabra [wrought iron]
hive // chandelier [wrought iron]

Bokeh – Radiance Mirror “Dark wood”
junk. floor clock.

Dashin’ through the Snow


Honestly, I would never trust myself to drive a snowmobile. I’d crash so fucking easily. I wouldn’t even trust myself on snow skis because I’d kill a bitch quick (if not myself). I’m fairly certain snow is not meant to be walked on. That’s why my idea of enjoying a winter wonderland is inside a cabin, next to a fire, with some sort of warm alcoholic drink. I’ll enjoy the snow from the warmth of the fire thank you very much.


.Olive. the Holli Hair – Colors @ Tennenbaum | REIGN.- BLAIR BOOTS AND SOCKS | Blueberry – Cake – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Fat Pack | Addams // Janis Winter Coat // Dark Grey


SamPoses SnowMobiel 2 | JIAN Fallow Deer Fawn @ Tennenbaum | [Poetica] Winter Meadow

Thank you to Harrow for volunteering as my male model!

Slummin’ in the Red Light District

red light district

I love when I have to ask my friends to dress slutty and come pose for me. Luckily, I have a lot of friends who dress like whores. Whores are never in short supply. Regardless, mad props to my slutty friends for helping me ♥


R.icielli – AUDRA Lingerie Black @ Kinky Event | DOUX – Hilton hairstyle [Pastels&Ombres] | REIGN.- MELROSE HEELS- FATPACK | -SU!- Piercing Set 05 | :::NOIR::: Selina Choker


PM . Ayana (comes with joint prop) @ Industrie | KraftWork + HERA Reeperbahn Scene Building @ Kinky Event

Wants & Needs

Wants and Needs

Props to Craig for putting up with my ass and asking him to hop on SL just to be my  model ♥ I CANNOT MAKE OUT WITH MYSELF!  That’s what happens when you get with a photographer though 😀

Pose: .HG. Take It

The hair is from DOUX – Hilton hairstyle [Pastels&Ombres], but it’s also edited quite a bit.